Check wound bed 24 hours after first placement  

Apply new ISOLATOR STRIP with each dressing change

Video:  Isolator Strip to create closed isolation area 

Video:  Isolator Strip to wall off a wound bed area

  • 1) Disinfect Isolator Strip per your institutional protocol.  Do not autoclave.  Locate bulb seal along bottom flange of device. Bulb seal is designed to be placed DOWN on the wound bed.
  • 2) Cut hole in wound dressing centered over fistula or wound. 
  • 3) Insert Isolator Strip around perimeter of dressing hole until it overlaps itself.  Cut strip so that at least one full petal overlaps. Ensure top flange is seated on top of wound dressing and bottom flange is flush with bottom of wound dressing. 
  • 4) Prepare wound bed.  Place assembled Isolator Strip and dressing onto wound bed so that Isolator Strip opening is centered over fistula or wound.  
  • 5) Seal entire dressing assembly with clear drape. Cut drape from inner ring. If seal is lost, try stoma paste inside Isolator Strip base. Apply collection appliance to top flange.​



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